Treasury Bills

Forbes Oct 9
I do keep my sixties pocket slide-rule on the desk, a reminder that numbers finally govern, not words. A century’s worth of stats confirm that even if you come in at the top of the cycle, hanging in for a decade, your rate of return would exceed...
The Times of India Oct 5
CZECH-BILLS/ (TABLE, URGENT):TABLE-Czech 8-week T-bill yield -0.20 pct, auction demand strong
SeekingAlpha Sep 27
Financial Times Sep 7
Markets grapple with the curse of living in a wonderland where rules are torn up
MarketWatch Sep 6
Government paper due to mature in 3-months have taken a beating as the debt ceiling is extended to December
Financial Times Sep 6
Federated Investors shuns Treasury bills maturing near the government’s cash crunch
MarketWatch Sep 5
An auction of $20 billion worth of 4-week bills posted lackluster results after market participants looked to avoid purchasing debt at risk of default if Congress fails to raise the federal government's debt ceiling. The bills mature on October 5,...
The Economic Times Sep 4
Investors are shunning Treasury bills that come due in early October.
Financial Times Aug 30
Fear of a bitter fight in Congress over raising the debt ceiling is starting to rattle investors
Clusterstock Aug 24
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The graph to the left is the discount rate for T-Bills with a 3-month maturity.

Treasury bills are short-term debt securities issued by the U.S. Government. They are issued in lengths of four weeks (30 days), three months (90 days), six months (180 days), and one year (360 days). However, the one year bill is currently no longer issued. Treasury bills are known as a zero coupon, or discount security, since it pays the interest and principal at maturity.

The rates listed on Treasury bills are known as discount rates. However, it is important know two things when purchasing Treasury bills:

  1. The discount rate is annualized
  2. The Treasury assumes that a year has 360 days




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