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About Wikinvest
Launched in 2007, Wikinvest is reinventing the traditional finance portal by highlighting the meaning and relevance of financial news and data. Today's self-directed investors take advantage of the powerful tools available online to make their own choices, rather than calling their broker for a stock pick. Our users look at a wide range of information sources; they use interactive tools to track their own and others' performance; and they read, write, and collaborate with other investors online.

About our audience
On Wikinvest, you'll reach an audience that's affluent, well educated, and engaged - and one step away from their next trade.

  • 89.5% Male
  • 65% have a college degree
  • 20% are business owners (Index of 591)
  • 43% have household income over $100K
  • 27.5% have household income over $150K (Index of 424)
  • 37% have investment portfolios worth $100K or more
  • 21% have portfolios worth $250K+
  • Index of 341 for online investment transactions
  • Index of 906 for checking stock quotes multiple times a day[1]

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