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This excerpt taken from the G 10-K filed Mar 31, 2008.

Gratuity Plan—India

In accordance with Indian law, the Company provides a defined benefit retirement plan (the "Gratuity Plan") covering all of its Indian employees. The Gratuity Plan provides a lump sum payment to vested employees upon retirement or termination of employment in an amount based on each employee's salary and duration of employment with the Company. The Gratuity Plan benefit cost for the year is calculated on an actuarial basis. Current service costs for the Gratuity Plan are accrued in the year to which they relate on a monthly basis. Actuarial gains or losses or prior service costs, if any, resulting from amendments to the plans are recognized and amortized over the remaining period of service of the employees.

The following table sets forth the funded status of the Gratuity Plan and the amounts recognized in the Company's financial statements based on an actuarial valuation carried out as of December 31, 2006 and 2007.