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This excerpt taken from the INXI 8-K filed Dec 23, 2009.
Total Liabilities to Tangible Net Worth Ratio.  Reseller will at all times maintain on a consolidated basis a ratio of Total Liabilities (excluding liabilities subordinated to the Reseller’s obligations to CPC in a manner acceptable to CPC, using CPC’s standard form) to Tangible Net Worth not exceeding 6.00:1.00.

For purpose of this paragraph:  (i) ‘Total Liabilities’ means the sum of current liabilities plus long term liabilities; and (ii) ‘Tangible Net Worth’ means as of any date the sum of (i) net worth as reflected on the last twelve-month consolidated fiscal financial statements of Reseller, plus (ii) net earnings since the end of such fiscal year, both after provision for taxes and with Inventory determined on a first in, first out basis, plus (iii) Subordinated Debt, minus the sum of Reseller’s (A) intangible assets, including, without limitation, deposits, unamortized leasehold improvements, goodwill, deferred income taxes, franchises, licenses, patents, trade names, copyrights, service marks, brand names, covenants not to compete and any other asset which would be treated as an intangible under generally accepted accounting principles, plus (B) prepaid expenses (however such item shall not include prepaid inventory), plus (C) franchise fees, plus (D) notes, Accounts and other amounts owed to Reseller by any Guarantor, affiliate or employee of Reseller plus (E) losses since the end of such fiscal year, plus (F) interest in the cash surrender value of officers or shareholders life insurance policies.  This ratio will be calculated at the end of each fiscal quarter, using fiscal year-to-date results on an annualized basis.”