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This excerpt taken from the VOD 20-F filed Jun 8, 2005.

Share Price History

Upon flotation of the Company on 11 October 1988, the ordinary shares were valued at 170 pence each. On 16 September 1991, when the Company was finally demerged, for UK taxpayers the base cost of Racal Electronics Plc shares was apportioned between the Company and Racal Electronics Plc for Capital Gains Tax purposes in the ratio of 80.036% and 19.964% respectively. Opening share prices on 16 September 1991 were 332 pence for each Vodafone share and 223 pence for each Racal share.

On 21 July 1994, the Company effected a bonus issue of two new shares for every one then held and, on 30 September 1999, it effected a bonus issue of four new shares for every one held at that date. The flotation and demerger share prices, therefore, may be restated as 11.333 pence and 22.133 pence, respectively.

The share price at 31 March 2005 was 140.50 pence (31 March 2004: 128.75 pence). The share price on 23 May 2005 was 146.50 pence.

The following tables set out, for the periods indicated, (i) the reported high and low middle market quotations of ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange, (ii) the reported high and low sales prices of ordinary shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and (iii) the reported high and low sales prices of ADSs on the NYSE.

The Company’s ordinary shares were traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 3 April 2000 until 23 March 2004 and, therefore, information has not been provided for periods outside these dates.

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Five year data on an annual basis

London Stock
Pounds per
ordinary share
Frankfurt Stock
Euros per
ordinary share
per ADS
Financial Year High Low High Low High Low

2000/2001 3.56 1.82 5.82 2.87
2001/2002 2.29 1.24 3.70 2.00
2002/2003 1.31 0.81 2.15 1.26
2003/2004 1.50 1.12 2.22 1.59
2004/2005 1.49 1.14