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Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!

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Информация о видео Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!

Название :  Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!
Продолжительность :   325
Пользователь :  iDB
Дата публикации :   2018-02-16
Просмотры :   149,768
Понравилось :   1
Не понравилось :   166

Кадры из видео Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!

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Описание к видео Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!

View on Indiegogo: igg.me at plux x
Plus wireless charger is a charging pad that can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

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Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!


Комментарии к видео Is This $45 Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower?!

Life Through A Lens
AirPower was a flop. Now is the time for company’s to take advantage and I believe this is what we are seeing here.
Комментарий от : Life Through A Lens

John Doe
Is the charger itself mfi approved I know the air pod adapter isn’t
Комментарий от : John Doe

Hi, anyone interested in testing a free wireless charger?
Комментарий от : 熊婷

Always Finesse
When is this out ?
Комментарий от : Always Finesse

Henry Wong
Yes, because at least it exists.
Комментарий от : Henry Wong

eps info-sport
Комментарий от : eps info-sport

Alices Smith
It’s wonderful. I have this wireless charger. Please contact me if you need it. Thank you. www.aliexpress.com/store/product/NYFundas-3-to-1-Wireless-Charger-For-iphone-X-XS-MAX-XR-8-8-Plus-Samsung/4395024_32921336562.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.18.28311de2WKJorK
Комментарий от : Alices Smith

Hans Lecaros
That thing is so damn bootleg, nahhh thanks... i want to sleep at night without having to worry it could catch on fire or something. 👎
Комментарий от : Hans Lecaros

Looks dirt cheap lol someone had a 3d printer 🤣. Nice concept tho
Комментарий от : Noel

Benjamin Cohen
Chris from family guy finally hit puberty close ur eyes and you’ll hear it 😂
Комментарий от : Benjamin Cohen

sad boy
What's the price of airpower?
Комментарий от : sad boy

7homas 0wen
Stilllllll waiting for the air power mat.
Комментарий от : 7homas 0wen

adeel ali
Its $80 now not $45
Комментарий от : adeel ali

philip lubduck
why use a black cord with a white stand,  OCD kicking into overdrive!!!
Комментарий от : philip lubduck

Walter McGulicudy
How long did it take you to get the item after donating or whatever? Just so I know when to expect mine
Комментарий от : Walter McGulicudy

I just got this and it’s pretty good. Reccomended
Комментарий от : SnappyJoshy

Kyle Davis
Biggest downside of Apple's Airpower is that it will only work with Apple watch series 3+. That's why I bought the plux (still don't have it yet, though). I have an older Apple watch and I wouldn't be able to use the airpower charger. ALSO, you will have to buy a new airpod case that works with the airpower charger. My guess is that you'd be looking at $130 or so for both. I got 2 Plux's and the fast chargers for $85. They have taken forever to ship, but I think it will be worth it.
Комментарий от : Kyle Davis

Why is there a Maxi-pad inside ??
Комментарий от : MrTeG3SH

gu henry
this one airpods wireless charger receiver
Комментарий от : gu henry

gu henry
Комментарий от : gu henry

Everything Technology
Will the Apple Watch series 2 work with the airpower mat
Комментарий от : Everything Technology

Bill McNeil
Hold onto your dollars people, this campaign is not shipping as promised, siting manufacturing issues as the reason for the delay... the emails and notifications on shipment updates are non existent. If you want to donate money to a local charity you may get a warm and fuzzy feeling, which is more than what you will get from Plux. Good luck!
Комментарий от : Bill McNeil

Julian David
Bruh your voice
Комментарий от : Julian David

Endothermic Madness
Definitely a great alternative to the Airpower! A nice solid $50 on Indiegogo. Some people don’t understand the difference between a funding project and a prototype project.
Комментарий от : Endothermic Madness

Комментарий от : Starks

If I had money I would totally get this
Комментарий от : Occo

Philip Bedingfield
Air power hasn’t come out yet
Комментарий от : Philip Bedingfield

Clear your throat
Комментарий от : Asvg15

Ann London
🇬🇧 Looks a bit Heath Robinson to me🤪🤪🤪
Комментарий от : Ann London

its a scam. just stick an apple watch charger (your apple watcher charger) in the bottom of a regular wireless charging pad.


Комментарий от : GoKickMe

Bruh Momento
Комментарий от : Bruh Momento

Mike Skordynski
Will it work if your iphone has the new Dbrand grip case on?
Комментарий от : Mike Skordynski

iPhone Fanatic
This it’s pretty cool.. but I’m still gonna have to wait to see if other third companies will come out with better versions
Комментарий от : iPhone Fanatic

looks like garbage
Комментарий от : 7531monkey

Jegr Argoshi
It’s not even close 😒
Комментарий от : Jegr Argoshi

“Plux is way cheaper then AirPower” Mmm... you don’t know that, no one actually knows how much the AirPower Mat will be and a rumour of $200 doesn’t mean anything really. The AirPods charging is janky (and how do you know the AirPods Wireless Charging case will work with Plux, Apple could make it AirPower only and not standard Qi). Plux also looks very plasticky from this video, I believe the AirPower Mat is some sort of fabric (but I’m not sure on that one). AirPower is all about iOS, watchOS and the AirPods working together to manage the charging of each one. Don’t get me wrong this is a nice try, but providing your own power adapter, Apple Watch cable and having to put things in a specific place, not for me. I’ll buy the proper AirPower Mat. Having said that, still a very nice try to mimic it and for some who don’t want to pay for AirPower seems a good option.
Комментарий от : CarlRyds

Divy Tolia
What's your Apple watch face called ?
Комментарий от : Divy Tolia

oh my, is this video 24fps? Hurts to watch. 60fps or bust.
Комментарий от : ExtraGlutenPlz

Stathis Fragoulis
Shut up and take my money
Комментарий от : Stathis Fragoulis

Calvin Broussard
where did you get that chi adapter.. most out there are to large for the airpods..
Комментарий от : Calvin Broussard

Ken Kemp
Yea that charger has to much going on, but nice video
Комментарий от : Ken Kemp

Marcus Thomas
I like it
Комментарий от : Marcus Thomas

Lungelo Dlamini
you’re crazy my guy.
Комментарий от : Lungelo Dlamini

Nicholas Naudé
Wow! Such a seamless solution. Apple, watch out. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Комментарий от : Nicholas Naudé

Nigel Gee
How can you say that the AirPods case is Qi. It maybe like the Apple Watch not Qi
Комментарий от : Nigel Gee

David Musiak
It looks cheaply made.
Комментарий от : David Musiak

George Jiang
Hi iDB,
Would you like to review this creative car mount? It is car mount with fast charging and automatic locking & unlocking. Tooling has finished its 1st injection trial.

One free sample would be sent to you. Thanks in advance.

Комментарий от : George Jiang

GenTech Mike
If I cared about wireless charging I’d get this
Комментарий от : GenTech Mike

what's the other end of USB-c ? is it also USB​-c?
Комментарий от : Yousef

Walter Hunter
Too much
Комментарий от : Walter Hunter

Chris Jamel
Y can’t u just plug AirPower to a iPhone charging stand
Комментарий от : Chris Jamel

Do they make one for Note 8, Gear S3, and Icon X 2018?
Комментарий от : Zach_417

Michel Denault
I have funded 2 different items from Indiegogo and received both of them ,,took awhile but I got them ,
Now about this item I think I would like one ,good alternative for those of us that don’t have a lot of money ,,it would clean up all the cords on my night stand ,,i. Currently have iPhone 6 Plus,Apple Watch 2017 cellular,

Комментарий от : Michel Denault

Michael Wiseman
I'd prefer AirPower...but I'm disappointed to hear that AirPower won't be compatible with my series 2 Apple Watch.
Комментарий от : Michael Wiseman

Ni Hammad
Is there a different version of air pods where the charging light isn’t on the inside????🤔
Комментарий от : Ni Hammad

The Infamous JuneBugg
Had me all the way up until he said indiegogo 🤷🏼‍♂️🙄😂😂😂😂
Комментарий от : The Infamous JuneBugg

Michael Nguyen
no thank you
Комментарий от : Michael Nguyen

Shalev Lazarof
Комментарий от : Shalev Lazarof

Rey G
How can you state that's a whole lot nicer than the AirPower and in the same breath say it's not as magical?! AirPower is not released yet, I'll wait till that's out until making ANY judgement.
Комментарий от : Rey G

Eduardo Ocampo
yes!! good! definitely going to buy one!
Комментарий от : Eduardo Ocampo

Nasir Rasul
You had me until u said non MFI.
Комментарий от : Nasir Rasul

Amjid Khan
Gross product.
Комментарий от : Amjid Khan

Aakash Vaish
Комментарий от : Aakash Vaish

I never used to hear the way he talks but now everyone mentioned it, I always focus on it. 😑
Комментарий от : 3lite

Rowan Strang
That thing looks fucking ugly. I wouldn’t want one in my home
Комментарий от : Rowan Strang

Robert Cager
Did you say the AirPower is only gonna work with Apple Watch 3? That’s good to know because I have and iPhone X and AirPods but the series 1 Apple Watch. AirPower for $200 is already borderline not worth it but it isn’t worth it unless I can charge all three.
Комментарий от : Robert Cager

Cody Lynch
I was interested until i heard Indiegogo. I immediately gave up hahaha
Комментарий от : Cody Lynch

Cool video
Комментарий от : ThenJimboReturns

Was this built in a garage.
Комментарий от : Chris

Austin Walker
This won’t ever happen.
Tech products on crowdfunding sites never get made, even when it gets fully funded.
Plus, this looks awful with all the additional bits.

Комментарий от : Austin Walker

Комментарий от : CoolRaul

Oreo Bug
Now this is sooooo much more easier on your pockets, i would for sure buys these and put it together, love the AirPod sleeves. Thanks great video.
Комментарий от : Oreo Bug

Skylar Johnson
Dose it come with the apple AirPod case?
Комментарий от : Skylar Johnson

Keegan Goerz
This is janky
Комментарий от : Keegan Goerz

Clint W
Good review. Very tempting
Комментарий от : Clint W

Jonás Stark
Комментарий от : Jonás Stark

I really want the AirPower mat so I can charge my 3 devices at once but of course I will need the wireless charging Airpods case so hopefully that’ll be a little bit cheaper :D
Комментарий от : Johny1220

Blue Tooth
Why does it take Apple so long to make simple things like HomePod and AirPower Mat etc
Комментарий от : Blue Tooth

A Fig
What a piece of trash
Комментарий от : A Fig

Ed Rambeau
Do you have any idea when AIRPLAY 2 is going to be released by Apple?
Комментарий от : Ed Rambeau

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