EIA Natural Gas Report


The EIA Natural Gas Report reports on the weekly change of natural gas stocks in underground storage provided by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) for East, West and producing regions of U.S.

Several volumetric measures exist to quantify the fundamental characteristics of an underground storage facility and the gas contained within it. These measures include total gas storage capacity, total gas in storage, base gas, working gas capacity, working gas, deliverability and gas injection. The EIA will collect a variety of data on these storage measures and publishes selected data on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.[1]

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Energy Information Administration, Office of Oil and Gas, Form EIA-912[2]

Why is it important

The level of inventories reported in the EIA Natural Gas Report helps investors to estimate the prices for natural gas products. Just like any other goods and services, natural gas products are determined by supply and demand. Therefore, during times when the economy is booming, demand for natural gas products will be robust. The inventory level of natural gas has an inverse relationship with the price of natural gas. Therefore, if inventories are low, the prices of natural gas are most likely to increase and vice versa.[3]

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