List of Stock Exchanges

The Economic Times Feb 21
The announcement comes more than a week after these bourses decided to curb all licensing agreements and stop offering live prices to international exchanges.
TechCrunch Nov 29
 It happened. One bitcoin is now worth $10,000. The milestone was hit on international exchanges earlier in the day (where prices are normally a few percent higher) and was just crossed on U.S exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini a few minutes ago....
The Economic Times May 19
Sharp acceleration in US factory activity gave the dollar a lift on international exchanges, putting extra pressure on the won.
GenEng News Jan 27
If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past several weeks, you may have noticed, among the political rabble and international exchanges, that a peculiarly named viral infection is beginning to emerge and spread rapidly across the...
New York Times Jun 1 Comment
A law to control foreign NGOs could shut down international exchanges.


See also Stock Exchanges.

A stock exchange is an institution, organization or association that serves as a market for trading financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and their related derivatives. Most modern stock exchanges, like NYSE Euronext, have both a trading floor and an electronic trading system.

Exchanges make money in several different areas. Listings, sales, and selling market statistics are some of the various ways that they produce revenue.

Electronic trading has dramatically reduced the cost of entry into this market. Several exchanges have developed in recent years such as BATS Exchange out of Kansas City. This new competition have reduced the spread of purchases and sales across the market.

Increasingly, exchange owners and operators are getting themselves listed on their own exchanges. This is the case with companies like NYSE Euronext, Deutsche Boerse AG, NASDAQ OMX Group and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

By Rank

The World's Top 15 Stock Exchanges by Domestic Market Capitalization in 2008

4EuronextBelgium, France, Holland, Portugal2,869[1]
5London Stock ExchangeUnited Kingdom2,796[1]
6Shanghai Stock ExchangeChina2,704[1]
7- 13Australian Securities ExchangeAustralia1,261[1]
14National Stock Exchange of IndiaIndia1,224[1]
15SIX Swiss ExchangeSwitzerland1,064[1]

The World's Top 15 Stock Exchanges by Value of Shares Traded in 2011

Rank Exchange Name Country Value of Shares Traded (in $ billion)
1NewYork Stock ExchangeUnited States29,910[2]
2NASDAQUnited States15,320[2]
3London Stock ExchangeUnited Kingdom10,334[2]
4Tokyo Stock ExchangeJapan6,476[2]
5Euronextn rydghfmfghml5,640[2]
6Frankfurt Stock ExchangeGermany4,325[2]
7Shanghai Stock ExchangeChina4,069[2]
8BME Spanish ExchangesSpain2,970[2]
9Italian Stock ExchangeItaly2,313[2]
10Hong Kong Stock ExchangeChina S.A.R.2,137[2]
11Shenzhen Stock ExchangeChina2,103[2]
12Korea ExchangeKorea2,006[2]
13SWX Swiss ExchangeSwitzerland1,886[2]
14OMX Nordic ExchangesDenmark, Finland, Sweden1,865[2]
15Toronto Stock ExchangeCanada1,634[2]

By Geography

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African Stock Exchanges

Country Exchange Name Thomson Reuters Symbol Google Finance Symbol Yahoo! Finance Symbol Time Zone GMT ± Pre-Market Market Session Post-Market Currency (Code)
BotswanaBotswana Stock ExchangeGBBOTCentral Africa Time (CAT)+209:30 - 10:30Botswana Pula (BWP)
GhanaGhana Stock ExchangeGHGHAGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)009:30 - 10:0010:00 - 12:00Ghanaian Cedi (GHS)
KenyaNairobi Stock ExchangeNRNBOEast Africa Time (EAT)+309:00 - 09:3009:30 - 15:00Kenyan Shilling (KES)
MalawiMalawi Stock ExchangeMVMALCentral Africa Time (CAT)+2Kwacha (MWK)
MoroccoCasablanca Stock ExchangeCLCASGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)0Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
NigeriaNigerian Stock ExchangeLANIGWest Africa Time (WAT)+1Nigerian Naira (NGN)
South AfricaJSE Securities ExchangeJOJNBSouth African Standard Time (SAST)+209:00 - 17:00South African Rand (ZAR)
ZambiaLusaka Stock ExchangeLZLUSCentral Africa Time (CAT)+2Zambian Kwacha (ZMK)
ZimbabweZimbabwe Stock ExchangeZBZIMCentral Africa Time (CAT)+2Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD)

align = "center"|Tanzania||align = "center"|Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange||align = "center"|TZ||align = "center"|TZ||||align = "center"|East Africa Time (EAT)||align = "center"|+2||||||||align = "center"|Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) |- |}

Asia Pacific Stock Exchanges

Country Exchange Name Thomson Reuters Symbol Google Finance Symbol Yahoo! Finance Symbol Time Zone IST ± Pre-Market Market Session Post-Market Currency (Code)
AustraliaAustralian Securities ExchangeAUASX.AXAustralian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)+1007:00 - 10:00[3]10:00 - 16:00[3]16:00 - 19:00[3]Australian Dollar (AUD)
BangladeshDhaka Stock ExchangeDHBangladesh Time (BDT)+610:00 - 14:00[4]Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)
ChinaHong Kong Stock ExchangeHKHKG.HKHong Kong Time (HKT)+809:00 - 09:30[5]09:30 - 16:00[5]Cancelled[5]Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Shanghai Stock ExchangeSHSHA.SSChina Standard Time (CST)+809:15 - 09:25[6]09:30 - 15:00[6]Chinese Renminbi (CNY)
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeSZSHE.SZChina Standard Time (CST)+809:15 - 09:25[7]09:30 - 15:00[7]Chinese Renminbi (CNY)
IndiaNational Stock Exchange of IndiaINNSE.NSIndian Standard Time (IST)+5:3009:00 - 15:30[8]15:50 - 16:00[8]Indian Rupee (INR)
Bombay Stock ExchangeBYBSE.BOIndian Standard Time (IST)+5:3009:00 - 15:30Indian Rupee (INR)
IndonesiaIndonesia Stock ExchangeJKJAK.JKIndonesian Western Standard Time (WIB)+709:10 - 09:2909:30 - 16:00Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
JapanFukuoka Stock ExchangeFUFUKJapan Standard Time (JST)+9Japanese Yen (JPY)
Hercules Stock ExchangeHQNJMJapan Standard Time (JST)+9Japanese Yen (JPY)
JASDAQ Securities ExchangeJAJSDJapan Standard Time (JST)+908:00 - 09:0009:00 - 15:00Japanese Yen (JPY)
Nagoya Stock ExchangeNYNAGJapan Standard Time (JST)+909:00 - 15:30Japanese Yen (JPY)
Osaka Securities ExchangeOKOSAJapan Standard Time (JST)+909:00 - 15:10[9]Japanese Yen (JPY)
Sapporo Securities ExchangeSOJapan Standard Time (JST)+9Japanese Yen (JPY)
Tokyo Stock ExchangeTOTYOJapan Standard Time (JST)+909:00 - 15:00Japanese Yen (JPY)
Korea, Republic ofKorea ExchangeSESEO.KSKorea Standard Time (KST)+908:00 - 15:00Korean Won (KRW)
KOSDAQKQKDQ.KQKorea Standard Time (KST)+9Korean Won (KRW)
MalaysiaMalaysia ExchangeKUKUL.KLMalaysia Standard Time (MST)+809:00 - 17:00[10]Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
New ZealandNew Zealand ExchangeNZNZE.NZNew Zealand Standard Time (NZST)+1208:00 - 10:0010:00 - 17:0017:00 - 17:30New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
PakistanKarachi Stock ExchangeKAKARPakistan Standard Time (PST)+509:15 - 09:3009:30 - 15:30Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
PakistanLahore Stock ExchangeLahLahPakistan Standard Time (PST)+509:15 - 09:4509:45 - 14:15Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
PhilippinesPhilippine Stock ExchangePHPSEPhilippine Standard Time (PST)+809:30 - 12:10Philippine Peso (PHP)
SingaporeSingapore ExchangeSGSIN.SISingapore Standard Time (SST)+808:30 - 09:0009:00 - 17:00Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Sri LankaColombo Stock ExchangeSLCOLIndian Standard Time (IST)+5:3009:00 - 09:30[11]09:30 - 14:30[11]Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
TaiwanGreTai Securities MarketOTChina Standard Time (CST)+809:00 - 14:0014:00 - 14:30Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
Taiwan Stock ExchangeTWTPE.TWChina Standard Time (CST)+809:00 - 13:30[12]14:00 - 14:30[12]Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
ThailandStock Exchange of ThailandTHBAK+79:30 - 14:30Thai Baht (THB)
VietnamHo Chi Minh Stock ExchangeIndochina Standard Time (ICT)+7Vietnamese Dong (VND)

European Stock Exchanges

Country Exchange Name Thomson Reuters Symbol Google Finance Symbol Yahoo! Finance Symbol Time Zone GMT ± Pre-Market Market Session Post-Market Currency (Code)
AustriaVienna Stock ExchangeVIWBAG.VICentral European Time (CET)+109:15 - 17:35Euro (EUR)
BelgiumEuronext - BrusselsBTEBR.BRCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30Euro (EUR)
BulgariaBulgarian Stock ExchangeBGBULEastern European Time (EET)+209:00 - 09:20[13]09:20 - 13:45[13]13:45 - 16:00[13]Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
CroatiaZagreb Stock ExchangeZGZSECentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 10:0010:00 - 16:00Croatian Kuna (HRK)
CyprusCyprus Stock ExchangeCPCSEEastern European Time (EET)+210:00 - 17:00Euro (EUR)
Czech RepublicPrague Stock ExchangePRPRGCentral European Time (CET)+109:15 - 16:00[14]Czech Koruna (CZK)
DenmarkOMX Nordic Exchange - CopenhagenKOCPHCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:00[15]Danish Krone (DKK)
GXG MarketsAMPCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:00[16]Danish Krone (DKK)
EstoniaOMX Baltic Exchange - TallinnETTALEastern European Time (EET)+208:30 - 10:00[17]10:00 - 14:00[17]14:00 - 14:30[17]Euro (EUR)
FinlandOMX Nordic Exchange - HelsinkiHEHELEastern European Time (EET)+210:00 - 18:30[15]Euro (EUR)
FranceEuronext - ParisFREPA.PACentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30Euro (EUR)
GermanyBerlin Stock ExchangeBEBER.BECentral European Time (CET)+1Euro (EUR)
XETRAETR.DECentral European Time (CET)+1Euro (EUR)
Dusseldorf Stock ExchangeDUCentral European Time (CET)+1Euro (EUR)
Frankfurt Stock ExchangeFFFRA.FCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 20:00Euro (EUR)
Munich Stock ExchangeMUCentral European Time (CET)+1Euro (EUR)
Stuttgart Stock ExchangeSTSTU.SGCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 20:00Euro (EUR)
GreeceAthens ExchangeATATHEastern European Time (EET)+210:00 - 17:20Euro (EUR)
HungaryBudapest Stock ExchangeBUBDPCentral European Time (CET)+108:30 - 09:0009:00 - 16:3016:30 - 16:35Hungarian Forint (HUF)
IrelandIrish Stock ExchangeDBISE.IRCentral European Time (CET)+106:30 - 07:50[18]07:50 - 16:30[18]16:30 - 17:15[18]Euro (EUR)
ItalyBorsa ItalianaMIBIT.MICentral European Time (CET)+108:00 - 09:0509:05 - 17:3518:00 - 20:30Euro (EUR)
LatviaOMX Baltic Exchange - RigaRGRSEEastern European Time (EET)+208:30 - 10:00[17]10:00 - 14:00[17]14:00 - 14:30[17]Latvian Lats (LVL)
LithuaniaOMX Baltic Exchange - VilniusLVVSEEastern European Time (EET)+208:30 - 10:00[17]10:00 - 14:00[17]14:00 - 14:30[17]Lithuanian Litas (LTL)
LuxembourgLuxembourg Stock ExchangeLULUXCentral European Time (CET)+107:15 - 09:0009:00 - 17:40Euro (EUR)
MacedoniaMacedonian Stock ExchangeMNMSECentral European Time (CET)+1Macedonian Denar (MKD)
NetherlandsEuronext - AmsterdamAEAMS.ASCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30Euro (EUR)
NorwayOslo Stock ExchangeOSOSL.OLCentral European Time (CET)+108:15 - 09:00[19]09:00 - 17:30[19]17:40 - 18:00[19]Norwegian Krone (NOK)
PolandWarsaw Stock ExchangeWAWARCentral European Time (CET)+108:00 - 09:0009:00 - 16:2016:20 - 16:30Polish Zloty (PLN)
PortugalEuronext - LisbonLBELI.LSCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30Euro (EUR)
RomaniaBucharest Stock ExchangeROBSEEastern European Time (EET)+209:30 - 10:0010:00 - 16:30Romanian Leu (RON)
RomaniaSibex-Sibiu Stock ExchangeROSBXEastern European Time (EET)+209:15 - 09:4509:45 - 16:50 - trading session with derivatives instruments having as underlying stocks traded on BSE and SIBEX; 09:45 - 23:15 - trading session with derivatives instruments having as underlying currencies, indices and commoditiesRomanian Leu (RON)
RussiaRussian Trading SystemRSRTCMoscow Standard Time (MSK)+310:30 - 19:00U.S. Dollar (USD)
RussiaMoscow Interbank Currency ExchangeMoscow Standard Time (MSK)+310:30 - 18:45Russian Ruble (RUB)
SlovakiaBratislava Stock ExchangeBSCentral European Time (CET)+110:30 - 10:5011:00 - 14:00Slovak Koruna (SKK)
SloveniaLjubljana Stock ExchangeLJLJECentral European Time (CET)+108:00 - 09:3009:30 - 13:00Euro (EUR)
SpainBarcelona Stock ExchangeBCBCNCentral European Time (CET)+108:30 - 09:0009:00 - 17:30Euro (EUR)
Madrid Stock ExchangeMDMCE.MACentral European Time (CET)+108:30 - 09:00[20]09:00 - 17:30[20]Euro (EUR)
SwedenOMX Nordic Exchange - StockholmSKSTOCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30[15]Swedish Krona (SEK)
SwitzerlandBerne eXchangeBNBRNCentral European Time (CET)+1Swiss Franc (CHF)
SIX Swiss ExchangeEBVTX.VXCentral European Time (CET)+109:00 - 17:30[21]Swiss Franc (CHF)
TurkeyIstanbul Stock ExchangeISISTEastern European Time (EET)+209:30 - 17:30Turkish New Lira (TRY)
United KingdomLondon Stock ExchangeLNLON.LGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)008:00 - 16:30British Pound (GBP)
PLUS Markets GroupPZOFEXGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)008:00 - 16:30British Pound (GBP)

Middle Eastern Stock Exchanges

Country Exchange Name Thomson Reuters Symbol Google Finance Symbol Yahoo! Finance Symbol Time Zone GMT ± Pre-Market Market Session Post-Market Currency (Code)
BahrainBahrain Stock ExchangeBHBSHArabia Standard Time (AST)+309:15 - 09:3009:30 - 12:30Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
EgyptEgyptian Stock ExchangeCICAIEastern European Time (EET)+210:30 - 14:30Egyptian Pound (EGP)
EgyptCairo & Alexandria Stock ExchangeEastern European Time (EET)+2Egyptian Pound (EGP)
IsraelTel Aviv Stock ExchangeTVTLV.TAIsrael Standard Time (IST)+209:30 - 09:30[22]09:30 - 16:30[22]Israeli New Sheqel (ILS)
JordanAmman Stock ExchangeAJAFMEastern European Time (EET)+209:30 - 10:0010:00 - 12:0012:00 - 12:15Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
LebanonBeirut Stock ExchangeLEBEYEastern European Time (EET)+209:00 - 09:3009:30 - 12:30Lebanese Pound (LBP)
PalestinePalestine Securities ExchangePLPAS+2Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
United Arab EmiratesNASDAQ DubaiDFMUnited Arab Emirates Standard Time+411:45 - 17:00U.A.E. Dirham (AED)
SyriaDamascus Securities ExchangeDSEDSE+2Syrian Pound (SYP)

North American Stock Exchanges

Country Exchange Name Thomson Reuters Symbol Google Finance Symbol Yahoo! Finance Symbol Time Zone GMT ± Pre-Market Market Session Post-Market Currency (Code)
BermudaBermuda Stock ExchangeHMBSXAtlantic Standard Time Zone (AST)-408:30 - 09:0009:00 - 15:30Bermudian Dollar (BMD)
CanadaCanada National Stock ExchangeLCNQEastern Standard Time (EST)-509:30 - 16:00[23]Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Toronto Stock ExchangeTTSE.TOEastern Standard Time (EST)-509:30 - 16:00[24]16:15 - 17:00[24]Canadian Dollar (CAD)
TSX Venture ExchangeVCVE.VEastern Standard Time (EST)-509:30 - 16:00[24]16:15 - 17:00[24]Canadian Dollar (CAD)
United StatesAmerican Stock ExchangeAAMEXAMEXEastern Standard Time (EST)-509:30 - 16:00[25]U.S. Dollar (USD)
NASDAQ OMX BXBNASDAQNASDAQEastern Standard Time (EST)-508:00 - 19:00[26]U.S. Dollar (USD)
Chicago Stock ExchangeMCentral Standard Time (CST)-608:30 - 16:00[27]U.S. Dollar (USD)
NASDAQONASDAQNASDAQEastern Standard Time (EST)-507:00 - 09:30[28]09:30 - 16:00[28]16:00 - 20:00[28]U.S. Dollar (USD)
National Stock ExchangeCCentral Standard Time (CST)-608:30 - 15:00U.S. Dollar (USD)
New York Stock ExchangeNNYSENYSEEastern Standard Time (EST)-509:30 - 16:00[29]U.S. Dollar (USD)
NASDAQ OMX PHLXXNASDAQNASDAQEastern Standard Time (EST)-508:00 - 16:00[30]U.S. Dollar (USD)


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